Friday, February 15, 2008

Velicious Equenzi T-Shirt Tells You Where To Go

Posted on/at 10:07 AM by Web Thing

Here's a new entry from the folks at Velicious Equenzi. Unique and great looking stuff available for men and women. (including hoodies and those "who knew workout gear could be so sexy" fleece pants for women) The hook? They give 5% of each sale to the charity of YOUR Choice - in a simple dropdown that you select when you place your order. At last check, options included Dustin's Greenhouse, SPCA, JDRF, ACS, and (RED). What can I say - I'm a total sucker for do-gooders. Especially when they aren't just milking it and provide quality, fashionable goods ... at reasonable prices ... Learn more about what the cats VE are all about here: Velicious Equenzi

OK .. the shirt. This one is called "go". Upon closer inspection it appears to be a hodgepodge of North Carolina street signs & trucks. Personally, I chose this one because to me it represents the constant flickering of to-do list items in my head; places I need to be, phonecalls I need to return and the constant reminder to "GO" - as in pick off these items one at a time like a sniper. But hey, that's just me. I'm sure if this was a Saturday morning, it would have different implications - as in get up and GO - see something new - take a wrong turn - visit your grandmother ... you get the drift. Anyway - this one runs $22. GO get one (or another one, or a bunch of them)


Anonymous said...

Love the T-shirt... LOVE the charity thing going on. Very cool.