Wednesday, December 1, 2010

45 RPM Record Adapter T Shirt from

Posted on/at 1:26 PM by Web Thing

So, I get asked quite a bit whether I actually purchase the tee shirts I promote or if I just talk about them. Here is your answer. While the truth is that I don't always purchase everything I like, (because, lets face it, who can afford to do that?) I am a sucker for a sweet deal.

I got this 45 rpm record adapter shirt from - along with 9 others. Why so many? Because ordering 10 makes your 6 dollar shirts a mere 5 bucks (plus shipping).

For those wondering about the sizes, this is an XL on a 5'8" 180lb male. The shirts are printed on different shirts - I think depending on the color you choose. ( That's right, you get to choose the color shirt you want decorated at 6 dollar shirts too) I do my best to give some more detail asbout the brands of shirts used in subsequent posts.

Why do I like this one so much? Mainly because anyone any younger than me has no clue what a record is, nevermind a 45 adapter. Some even think the shirt is vaguely dirty .... but I'm not seeing it.