Monday, December 1, 2008

Infinite T Shirts at Modern Classic

Posted on/at 9:40 AM by Web Thing

I love this shirt! Coming from a guy, who as a kid, would stand in front of a mirror - holding a mirror - for hours on end .... I guess it's no suprise.

This clever design - as well as a bunch that people without the mirror issues will enjoy, is available from Modern Classics. Most of them seem to be geared towards gamers - (although I'm not sure - cuz I don't "get" them)

There truly is something for everyone - including " That's Enough, John Mayer" - one I personally feel eveyone should own. (Therefore qualifying Modern Classics for "something for everyone" status)

The hypno-shirt and the John Mayer one ... as well as all the others will run you a cool $19.99.

Got a gamer on your Xmas list ... then get going ... to check out the Modern Classics store!


ph0enix1211 said...

could you update your links? -- it's now


*Product links have changed too