Tuesday, August 26, 2008

T Shirt Guy For President?

Posted on/at 10:06 PM by Web Thing

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Jimmy Hendricks said...

That is a great video. I had some fun with my family members the first time.

We launched an obama/mccain t-shirt competition this last week and thought this would be a good place to leave a comment. http://www.collarfree.com/ContestProfile.aspx?id=4

let us know what you think

xok (indie clothing) said...

You'd get my vote T-shirt Guy.

Anonymous said...

This website has some
funny t-shirts,
check them out today

Chris Eastland said...

Hey Everyone, regards T Shirt guy, how can I email you a design?

The Shirt Talker said...

We need more t-shirt guys in public office.

BTW, I added your blog to my blogroll over at http://shirt-talker.blogspot.com. If you like my blog, feel free to add mine to yours. If not, that's cool too.

T-shirt Guy in 2012!