Thursday, June 5, 2008

Political T Shirts Go Retro with

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OK, so it's only June and I'm pretty much tired of hearing about the top 3 (2 now, but one won't go away) Presidential hopefuls.

Want a taste of a simpler time? Well, maybe not all that simple - but simple for me ... mainly because I was only 3 years old. I have to admit, the only thing I remember about Jimmy Carter is peanuts. Either way, the great retro look of this t shirt makes it worth wearing all on its own - no matter what your political views (then or now).

Go back in time with this and many more retro political campaign t shirts from Retro Campaigns. (The site also has a bunch of great & notable qoutes from the historical political figures that they feature)

This Jimmy Carter '76 Tshirt will run you a measley $19.99.

I Want Roosevelt Again Women's Dark T-Shirt

Bill Clinton for First Lady White T-Shirt

McGovern in '72 Kids Baseball Jersey

KENNEDY Dark T-Shirt


BARACK STAR 08 - Barack Obama t-shirts and blog said...

THAT is funny! Jimmy was a good man, by the way. A rare good person in politics.

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